Submit to RFN!

Click HERE to contact the editorial board if you are interested in posting to RFN!

Who can submit to RFN? We are interested in hearing from any trainee who is interested in the field of nephrology. From medical students, to residents, to PhD students, to post doctorates, to fellows, both adult and pediatrics. If you have a interesting conference or course that would be of interest to fellows or trainees we would be glad to review for potential posting. We do not accept commercial posting of goods or products.

What type of content is RFN interested in? We are interested in a variety of topics. Our advice is to write a new aspects nephrology you are learning while rounding or in the clinic. If you are a student, maybe a new concept that you finally mastered. Summarizing recent or seminal research articles can also make for a good blog post. If you write up a case, editors and faculty advisors will work closely with you to ensure no patient information is shared.

What is the word count limit for a post? Blog posts that are short and succinct get the most traction and readability. This is not a book chapter or dissertation. Link to literature that covers the topic you are writing about in more depth. We shoot for 500-700 words in our posts.

What about figures? One figure per post is best. While it is tempting to create a post with multiple figures we feel this can get overwhelming to the reader.

I’m ready to write. What do I do next? Click HERE to contact the editorial board if you are interested in posting to RFN. Your post will be reviewed by a member of the editorial board who will work you before the post is published to RFN.

Finally, here are some guidelines to help streamline the editing and publishing process:

  • 500-700 words, 1-2 figures
  • Include references as hyperlink, which should be part of the text (not cited at the end of the line or text)
  • Submit any graphics as image files (PNG or JPEG) 
  • Share the document as Google document for easier review and editing