NephJC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering free open access education in nephrology throughout the world. NephJC is also an online Twitter based journal club which regularly has nephrologists, residents, fellows, cardiologists, internists, urologists, radiologists, pharmacologists, and patients contribute to the discussion. NephJC has a webpage, a newsletter, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook page.

NephSIM is a mobile-optimized teaching tool that can be used to learn or teach how to establish a differential diagnosis, understand pathophysiology, and review urinalysis, ultrasound, kidney pathology, vascular access, kidney transplantation, acid-base physiology, electrolyte disturbances, and more.

RFN is a founding member (2015) of the Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC). The NSMC is a consortium of  several websites and individuals dedicated to providing FOAMed. The NSMC also features a year long internship designed to give interested individuals the skills and tools to create online content.

NephroPOCUS is a comprehensive resource for point of care ultrasound in nephrology (POCUN)

WashU Nephrology Web Episodes are monthly videos produced by Tim Yau. They cover a wide variety of topics including pathology, history, short takes on physiology.

John Roberts, Nephrologist at Duke University has a nice collection of pencasts covering various topics in nephrology.

UKidney is a provider of educational tools for the study and practice of nephrology, hypertension management, and kidney transplantation. This site features essential educational contributions from major opinion leaders in nephrology.

AJKD Blog is the official blog of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases and hosts a wide variety of educational material including the yearly NephMadness.

Landmark Nephrology is a website covering important landmark articles in the field of nephrology.

Nephron Power is an academic blog created by Dr. Kenar Jhaveri (Hofstra Northwell). Covers a wide range of nephrology-related topics.

An updated list of US-based nephrology fellowship programs, divisions is available here and Canada-based nephrology fellowship programs, divisions is available here. Stay on top of updates for all of the nephrology programs in the US & beyond.