RFN Nephrology Fellow Clinical Compendium

The learning life of a nephrology fellow is busy. Some move miles from their home, a different city, a different hospital, find a new place to live, different culture, meet new people, etc… all of that can be stressful. Life in the medical wards and ICU are full of learning opportunities and it’s always good to have something in hand for a quick review. Hence, we are proud to announce that we have developed a guide and would like to introduce the RFN Nephrology Fellow Clinical Compendium. We started this project thinking it could only be a few pages long, but nephrology is a broad topic so when we started to write, we loved the content so much that it became bigger and bigger. We are hoping that this survival guide would also help medical students, internal medicine residents and particularly nephrology fellows and/or anyone else interested in the field, so they could be able to have a quick overview of any nephrology and transplantation topic or case that they may encountered during their busy schedule and rotations. It is intended to provide the basic tools that every nephrology fellow needs to know during rounds and “survive” during fellowship. It consists of 14 chapters. Throughout the guide, you will encounter tables and links that will bring you to a deeper review if you desire.

This survival guide can be accessed via the RFN and will be available on a PDF document so you can print it at your convenience. Please help us spread the FOAMed spirit! We have included Twitter handles of the authors for direct messaging. Otherwise, you can contact us at: renal.fellow.network@gmail.com

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Chapter 1: Acute Kidney Injury
By Sam Kant, Oshorenua Aiyegbusi, Ankit Sakhuja, and Eric Au

Chapter 2: Native and Transplant Kidney Biopsy: The Procedure
By Sam Kant and Krithika Mohan

Chapter 3: Approach to Kidney Pathology
By Tiffany Caza

Chapter 4: Glomerulonephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome
By Justin Davis and Ami Patel

Chapter 5: Kidney Replacement Therapy
By Sam Kant, Soo Yi, Ami Patel, Eric Au

Chapter 6: Continuous Kidney Replacement Therapy (CKRT)

Chapter 7: Kidney Transplantation
By Annise Chung, Karim Soliman, Vineet Behera, Suhail Shaikh, Beje Thomas, Hector Madariaga

Chapter 8: Electrolytes
By Sam Kant and Arunkumar Subbiah

Chapter 9: Acid-Base Disorders

Chapter 10: Secondary Hypertension

Chapter 11: Kidney Imaging and POCUS
By Abhi Koratala, Bhavnish Bucktowarsing, Vandana Dua Niyyar, and Anit Sakhuja

Chapter 12: Plasmapheresis

Chapter 13: Interventional Nephrology

Chapter 14: Dialysis Access Complications