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Intradialytic hypertension

I’ve recently had a few calls from our outpatient dialysis unit about patient’s with rises in their blood pressure during and after dialysis. Intradialytic hypotension is a very common phenomenon and it’s been interesting to learn that intradialytic…

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Boost it up!

Dealing with patients on dialysis can be challenging. In addition to the management of many comorbidities, nephrologists have to go down a list similar to a pilot’s checklist. Those include dialysis adequacy, access, electrolyte balance, fluid status, BP…

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Low Vitamin D Levels Predict ESRD

Hypovitaminosis D is implicated in a wide variety of disease states, including insulin resistance and diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. A new new study in JASN suggests it may also influence the development of de-novo renal disease. The…

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Opiates in advanced renal failure

I was taught the rule of 6’s when it came to using opiates in dialysis patients: they’re metabolized by hepatic glucuronidase to 6-glucurinides (e.g. morphine 6 glucuronide or M6G) these metabolites are renally excreted, increasing the half-life to…

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