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Jie Cui

Diabetic Nephropathy, or not?

A man in his 30s with a history of type 1 DM and chronic hypokalemia was referred to the renal clinic for investigation of CKD. His creatinine was 1.8g mg/dl.  His DM was well controlled without any evidence…

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Pregnancy and Dialysis

A woman with no past medical history was admitted to the ICU service with acute kidney injury secondary to atypical HUS. She was early in pregnancy and we were consulted in order to start dialysis. The management of…

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Beads on a String

A 41 year old gentleman with no past medical history presented to ER for nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Abdominal CT showed bilateral renal infarcts. His labs were notable for a Cr of 1.4, LDH 500 ESR 102….

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