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Could this be Refeeding Syndrome?

A young patient who was engaging in heavy weightlifting presented to the ED with proximal muscle weakness. The night before he had one hour of acute onset bilateral leg and hip flexor cramps with stiffness and “hardened” muscles…

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Renal Grand Rounds – Case of the month

A young woman with h/o polysubstance abuse and seizures was admitted to hospital with status epilepticus. She was treated with a propofol infusion at 5mg/kg/hr which was maintained due to perceived continuing seizure activity. On hospital day 5,…

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Therapeutic misadventures in rhabdo

There are three commonly promoted strategies used in the treatment and prevention of AKI in rhabdomyolysis: 1) Normal saline 2) Bicarbonate containing solutions 3) Mannitol. Volume resuscitation is clearly paramount when treating rhabdo, but whether bicarbonate or mannitol…

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