RFN teams up with NKF

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The editors and contributors of Renal Fellow Network (RFN) are proud to announce the partnership with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).  You will notice a few changes which we hope will help enhance the site. First, we have a new logo.  This logo reflects the global vision we hope to create – a place where Nephrology fellows from around the world can meet and discuss issues relevant to Nephrology patient care, research and education.  Secondly, we will add informational content relevant to conferences, grants and fellowships.  

We are delighted to team up with NKF, and believe this is an exciting opportunity for both parties.  This collaboration serves to help sustain the site for future Nephrology fellows, by creating an editorial board composed of Nephrology fellows whose mission will be to keep the integrity and mission of the site intact.  The NKF does not provide monetary support to RFN.  From our perspective, we hope the collaboration will further raise the profile of the site, allowing us to reach an even wider audience. Our ultimate goal is to provide an integrated hub for all Nephrology practitioners, providing useful and up to date clinical and research information, permitting discourse on topics of clinical or career interest, and serving a go-to source for information on grants, fellowships and other information relevant to Nephrologists, whatever the stage of their careers.  If you are interested in becoming a contributor please contact either the editor or deputy editor.  Also, if you have suggestions for ways we can improve or develop RFN, please get in contact!


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