World Kidney Day: Top 10 List

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Nephron Power and Precious Bodily Fluids have nice kidney-related Top 10 lists for World Kidney Day.  Here’s our list.
10.  One kidney= winning, two kidneys= bi-winning
9.    Most successful solid organ transplant. Living donor transplant is a viable option.
8.   Renal replacement therapy
7.   Glomeruli rule!
6.   Crystals
5.   When the going gets tough who you gonna call… the Nephrologist
4. The kidney is important for all other organs (heart, lung, bone, blood, vessels, brain)
3.  Poor man’s kidney biopsy (urine microscopy)
2.  Many discoveries yet to be unraveled

1.  It’s not a pump!

Happy World Kidney Day!!  Spread the word about the “amazing” kidney

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  1. one kidney winning. People will have no idea what that means in 2 years. awesome.

    love, its not a pump.

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