1. Most of the time when I have to see my neph for my bi-monthly appt, his nurse asks if its OK for one of the med students to come in and examine/talk to me. So I find myself in the unique and odd position in teaching about my own renal problem and how renal failure affects the body as a whole. I make damned sure to add a speech about dialysis and how wonderful it would be if more clinics encouraged/trained for home dialysis, particularly home hemo, and I explain why. I try to get them when they're young. ha RFN could work wonders for renal patients who want more than just "survive" kidney failure. We want to thrive and should be given the opportunity and the tools to do so. I check this blog every day for evidence that you fellows are hearing us, so thank you for the chance to share our thoughts on the subject.

  2. Now, will RFN also show the courage and leadership as demonstrated by Dr. Laird–or even perhaps be so brave as to actually take a *stand* on this important issue–as he has so steadfastly continued to do?

  3. Yep, Bill has planted his flag in many places, but we renal patients need as many flags as we can get. Your flag is just as valuable.

  4. Thanks RFN and MooseMom for your kind comments. Of a truth, as in many things the last few years, Bill Peckham already planted his flag in a medical journal before me. He wrote an excellent analysis of the ESRD bundle in AJKD.


    In addition, Bill is the person who introduced me to the AJKD editorial staff seeking personal essays.

    Once again, thank you for all of the kind words, but Bill was already here.

  5. Hemodoc is a real hero of mine. He has a unique perspective as both a doctor and a dialyzor. He is what the entire dialysis industry complex should view as their goal, a pro-active, healthy and involved dialysis patient. He refused to let dialysis disable him. Why have a treatment that disables you while claiming to save your life? More frequent dialysis…better dialysis…needs to be the goal of dialysis providers and those that serve them.

    Thanks to you, Peter!

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