Urge Congress to Support the Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage Bill

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Lifetime immunosuppressive drug coverage is part of protecting the health of kidney transplant recipients and under current medicare rules this coverage only extends for 36 months post transplant. During this period medicare covers 80% of immunosuppressant drug costs, while patients and or insurers cover the rest. Patients who qualify for Medicare by being over the age 65 and or disabled are exempt from these limitations.

The “Comprehensive Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act of 2011” will help patients who receive a new kidney to keep it healthy by extending immunosuppressive drug coverage past the 36 month cut off. This legislation will help save lives and is an effective use of taxpayer dollars as it avoids the madness of potentially allowing a transplant to fail followed by guaranteed coverage of dialysis.

ASN has a nice pre-composed email that you can edit and send to your members of Congress if you are interested in supporting the bill.


  1. USA, I think enev the Bangldeshian Nephrology service is ahead on you here.

  2. I think it's insane that the US does not support patients by providing coverage over the lifetime of their immunesuppression usage.

    What's the point of the government funding the transplant and drugs for a few years and then taking the funding away and risking the function of the transplanted organ?

    3rd world countries provide more health coverage for transplant patients – something needs to improve.

    Shame shame shame.

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