Nathan Hellman Memorial Award: Nate’s spirit lives on…

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Nathan Hellman, MD, PhD was an insightful young scientist, a compassionate doctor, a good friend, and a charismatic person with the unique ability to bring people together, as evidenced by this blog which he founded as a Renal Fellow in the MGH/BWH Renal Fellowship Program.

Since his untimely death, the MGH/BWH program awards the “Nathan Hellman Memorial Award” to a member of the fellowship class who best exemplifies the qualities we so cherished in Nathan.

Since this is Nathan’s professional community, and the MGH was his professional home, I think it is important to share the following news, in celebration of Nathan’s life and achievements.

In 2011, the inaugural recipient of the award was Dr. William Pendergraft, MD, PhD, now a research fellow at the MGH. Dr. Pendergraft is currently conducting research in the area of genomics of inflammatory kidney disease such as lupus nephritis.

This past week, we had the pleasure of awarding the second “Nathan Hellman Memorial Award” to Dr. Andrew Lundquist, MD, PhD, now a research fellow at the MGH. Dr. Lundquist is currently doing research in the area of genomics/transcriptomics of kidney disease.

Let us congratulate Drs. Lundquist and Pendergraft for continuing Nate’s legacy of pursuing great science, providing compassionate patient care and bringing our community together!

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