Introducing Nephropoly

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Nephropoly: Urine Trouble, a winner of the inaugural 2015 ASN Innovations in Kidney Education Contest is now available at the link below. You will need to use a desktop to run this program. Below is a quick description from the creator Dorey Glenn. Check it out.

Nephropoly: Urine Trouble is an educational web-based “board game” that aims to help medical students, residents, and fellows learn renal physiology. Players answer region specific multiple choice questions as they are filtered through the glomerulus and travel along the nephron. Topics are physiology-based, but draw on aspects of clinical nephrology when appropriate to highlight particular physiologic principles. The game has been designed to accommodate 1- 4 players, thus facilitating group learning when desired. A single player “study-mode” is also available. The design of Nephropoly promotes a fun, high-yield, physiology-focused review of renal physiology.”  

A. Glenn, Pediatric Nephrology Fellow, UNC

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