NephMadness ’22 Brackets Due 3/31!

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As March comes to a close, we’re getting closer to the crowning of the next NephMadness champion. If you haven’t submitted your 2 brackets (per email address) yet at, there’s still time (but not much)! If you’re new to NephMadness, check out some information below – including this year’s bracket.

1. What is NephMadness

NephMadness is an educational game played out across social media, modeled after the US college basketball tournament March Madness. Instead of basketball teams, 32 topics in 8 categories in nephrology are pitted against each other. Winners are chosen by a Blue Ribbon Panel of experts. After the bracket submission period ends on March 31st, the saturated 16, effluent 8, filtered 4, and ultimately NephMadness champion will be sequentially revealed. The NephMadness champion will be crowned on April 11th.

2. How do I decide who wins in my bracket?

Read the “Scouting Report” posts on AJKD blog on each topic written by experts in the field that are an in-depth, referenced review of the topics. Then, decide which topic you think should move on to the next round. Still can’t decide? Flip a coin or try to predict how the Blue Ribbon Panel might vote. Here’s the 2022 bracket:

NephMadness 2022 Bracket

3. What do I do after I submit my bracket? 

Get involved in the conversation on Twitter and follow the hashtag #NephMadness. Support your picks, share your thoughts, and learn something! Not happy with how the Blue Ribbon Panel voted? Try the hashtag #BlueRibbonFail.

4. Are there prizes?

Yes! Prizes will be award to those with the highest individual and group score as well as the highest scoring medical student, resident, fellow and best NephMadness Party.

5. Can I submit multiple brackets?

Yes – you can submit TWO brackets per email address. So if you have 5 email addresses, that’s 10 brackets!

Ready to play? Register and start filling out your bracket! You’ll have until March 31st, 2022 to finalize and submit your picks. Who’s your champion?

See you out on the “court”!

The RFN Team

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