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Serum Free Light Chain Assay

The dilemma:  there are a subset of patients with some type of paraproteinemia–e.g., light chain deposition disease or amyloidosis, for instance–which are NEGATIVE by SPEP & UPEP.  When there is renal involvement, the diagnosis can potentially be made…

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As you may recall, macroglossia (an enlarged tongue) is one of the many manifestations of amyloidosis, the systemic disorder in which a particular protein is deposited as Congo-red positive aggregations. You may also recall that amyloidosis can be…

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Beta-2 Microglobulin Amyloidosis

The two major forms of amyloidosis are AL amyloidosis (in which light chains form the amyloid deposits) and AA amyloidosis (in which a variety of inflammatory molecules may adopt a beta-pleated structure to deposit as amyloid. A specific…

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Hereditary Amyloidosis

I saw a patient in Transplant Clinic today with a strong family history of chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis and periodic fevers. She was coming to the Transplant Clinic because she wants to be considered for a potential…

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