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eJournal Club – Albuminuria and AKI

This month’s eJournal club concerns biomarkers of AKI. There has been considerable interest in developing novel biomarkers of AKI and CKD and a lot of effort has been focused on novel biomarkers such as NGAL, KIM-1 and IL-18….

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eJournal Club – Kidney Biopsies

This month’s eJournal Club concerns a paper (with an accompanying editorial) reporting the experience of renal biopsies in Norway. One issue that arises again and again is whether or not patients should undergo outpatient biopsies. The argument against…

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eJournal Club

CJASN eJC Article of the Month, 2012-08-15 Prevalence and Factors Associated with Hyperkalemia in Predialysis Patients Followed in a Low-Clearance Clinic “Pantelis A. Sarafidis, Rochelle Blacklock, Eleri Wood, Adam Rumjon, Shanique Simmonds, Jessica Fletcher-Rogers, Rachel Ariyanayagam, Aziza Al-Yassin,…

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