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Sweet’s syndrome and the Kidney

This is an interesting case which I have been managing over the last six months. A 50-year-old male, with no previous medical illnesses, presented with fatigue, weight loss and arthralgia for several weeks. Clinical examination was unremarkable. Investigations…

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Skin Lesions in Dialysis – Part 4

Acquired Perforating Dermatoses: Perforating dermatoses are a group of conditions characterized by transepidermal elimination of dermal material (collagen, elastic tissue or necrotic connective tissue) (CMAJ). APD is one of the 4 major perforating disorders: Reactive perforating collagenosis (inherited…

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Skin Lesions in Dialysis – Part 3

Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) No post or summary on skin disorders in renal failure can omit NSF. This has been mentioned in multiple previous posts on RFN – although never summarized: The first cases of this disorder were…

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Skin Lesions in Dialysis – Part 2

Phototoxic skin disorders in renal failure: Patients with renal failure or ESRD secondary SLE can have a photosensitive skin rash. For example: Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE); these lesions are thick and scaly, plug the hair follicles, appear usually…

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