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Blast from the past: the hepatorenal reflex revisited

How does sodium retention occur in liver cirrhosis? Most of us accept Schrier’s peripheral arterial vasodilation hypothesis. This hypothesis postulates that overproduction of vasodilatory substances in the splanchnic circulation in cirrhosis leads to splanchnic pooling and decreased “effective”…

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Cut out the salt

Cutting back your salt intake is an effective way to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure and decrease your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The current guidelines suggest that we should reduce our dietary sodium intake to…

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ACE-inhibitor induced hyponatremia

I’ve always been skeptical about ACE inhibitors as a cause of hyponatremia, despite there being almost 20 case reports of this complication in the literature. Given the fact that so many patients I see are taking an ACE…

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No salt, no hypertension

Back in the early 1970s researchers traveled into the jungle in Northern Brazil to visit a group of Indians. The Yanamomo tribe had lived in isolation for thousands of years and had only been contacted in the 1950s….

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