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Mercury rising

A patient who had been working in a recycling company that handled thermometers presented with fever, dry cough, fatigue and rash. Based on imaging (CXR showed massive radio-opaque material in the lungs, right atrium and right ventricle; skeletal…

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Peak or Trough?

We were recently consulted on a patient with a history of repeated admissions with pneumonia who had developed AKI following treatment with Tobramycin. It got me thinking about the mechanisms of aminoglycoside toxicity. The traditional teaching is that…

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Acetaminophen & the kidney

As a new renal fellow I’ve felt fairly comfortable with the list of NSAID associated renal conditions. But after taking care of a patient this past month with fulminant hepatic failure due to a Tylenol overdose it’s been…

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The first order of business for today’s Renal Fellow Network is to welcome another regular contributor to the mix: nephrology fellow Albert Lam, of Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Fresh off the Nephrology boards, Albert will be periodically posting…

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Death by Soy Sauce?

Bizarre case of hypernatremia:  a suicide attempt by a 73 year-old Japanese man in which the individual drank massive amounts of soy sauce.  According to this 2006 Neurology paper by Machino et al, the patient presented with vomiting,…

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