Changes Coming to Renal Fellow Network…

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Changes are afoot at Renal Fellow Network!

First off, we’re going to feature a NEW CONTRIBUTOR to this blog!  Despite the blog’s moniker of “Renal Fellow Network”, it has not been as much of a “network” as I’d like, as I (Nathan Hellman) have been writing 100% of the posts.  As such, I’d like to welcome fellow Renal fellow Conall O’Seaghdha to the Renal Fellow Network!  He will be contributing posts on a regular basis, and I think having multiple writers will enhance the variety of the site.
We’re also going to try a NEW FEATURE:  The Renal Fellow Network POLL OF THE WEEK.  I intend to post a different question every Thursday, and readers can vote over the course of the week.
Finally, I’m going to be tinkering with a NEW FORMAT over the next few days. I’ve tried to select a background such that the text automatically adjusts to the size of your open window, which should ideally prevent wasted space. We’ll see how that ends up; I’m still a relative neophyte in the HTML coding world. The goal of the site will still be to deliver a brief and easily-digestible nephrology teaching point on a near-daily basis–a process which becomes more and more relevant to those of us eagerly awaiting the Nov. 18th Nephrology Boards exam!
And that, my friends, is change we can believe in.
Thanks for reading Renal Fellow Network and for those of you leaving comments, thanks.


  1. Thanks,very informative blog.


  2. I look at the blog abt once a wk! Good Job.

  3. Awesome blog.

    Its on my morning coffee tab of firefox for daily review!


  4. Thanks.. I read the blog everyday and its surely is very informative.. Keep it up..

  5. looks good… thanks for keeping it up. Alot of the fellows at Duke read it. Matt Sparks

  6. Cool looking blog!

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