New Year’s Eve Poll Results

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Happy New Year’s Eve! I found the results of last week’s poll to be surprising…well, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked to see that Nephrology Fellows won the “hardest working fellow in show business” award, being that this is a nephrology-related blog and individuals have a tendency to view themselves as being excessively overworked. Rather, I was shocked by the paltry showing of Gastroenterology Fellows, who in my opinion have a rather tough job at the three major hospitals I’ve done post-graduate training at (Penn, Brigham, & Mass General). It just seems like there is an endless supply of GI bleeders, and it’s not uncommon that they’ll get called in during the middle of the night to do a procedure. While Nephrology fellows get called in for dialysis, for the most part the labor involved should be relatively predictable (evaluate patient for need for dialysis, consent, place line, begin dialysis) compared to doing emergent procedures. In any case: most fellows work pretty hard, and my guess is that there is probably a greater variability amongst fellows within a given subspecialty than there are comparing different subspecialty groups with one another. Happy 2010 to fellows from ALL walks of life.

New poll question to jump-start 2010.

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