National Course for Renal Fellows: Origins of Renal Physiology September 3-10, 2011

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Places are still open for renal fellows to join the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratories, near Acadia National Park in Maine, for this 1 week course. Taught by nationally prominent renal physiologists (who are also superb teachers), trainees perform classical and cutting edge experiments using mostly marine models, and share their results with each other in joint laboratory meetings. Each trainee participates in three of the seven modules, and hears about all modules at the lab meetings. As a result, trainees develop a thorough understanding of the physiology of the nephron, from the glomerulus through the collecting duct. The course provides researchers with a broad perspective on renal physiology, and, by linking basic physiology to clinical nephrology, helps future educators to become better teachers of clinical nephrology.

The course has run 4 times, and has received extremely favorable reviews from all who have taken it. Nate and Matt both took the course blogged about it here, here and here. For those of you who have not taken the course, you can apply here.

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