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Every once in a while we like to get an idea of who our audience is. As a result, we have started a poll which will remain open for the next 7 days. The website was originally started with a nephrology fellow audience in mind but we know from the comments that our readers come from a more diverse group. We would appreciate if anyone visiting the site over the next few days could take a second and click one of the answers on the right hand side of the screen. This poll is completely anonymous.

Thanks from RFN.


  1. On mobile and can't see sidebar, but I am a mom of a 1 year old born with ckd stage 5.

  2. Psychology Fellow 🙂

  3. Seeing as google analytics tells me that a good percentage of visitors to the site are searching for "bears", maybe I should have included vets as a category…

  4. Don't forget about veterinarians!

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