Pearls for Boards

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1) In diabetic glomerular disease you can see linear staining of GBMs with IgG, Kappa and Lambda.

2) The three C3 immunoflourescence patterns of post strep GN 1) Starry Sky (most common) 2) Garland (less common) 3) Mesangial (resolving Starry Sky).

3) Troubles from Star Fruit 1) Seizures in dialysis patients 2)
Hyperoxaluria -> AKI, Nephrocalcinosis, and Calcium Oxalate stones.

4) Avoiding aminoglycoside toxicity – reduce the dose frequency.

5) Membranous risk categories by proteinuria and renal function: Low – less than 4 g/day, normal fxn, Med – 4-8g/day normal fxn, High – more than 8g/day, abnormal fxn.


  1. Hi Anonymous,

    The "Pearls for Boards" posts are not meant to be exhaustive reviews but rather brief bite sized offerings of subjects commonly reviewed by fellows for the nephrology boards.

    Input always appreciated, so if you see an inaccuracy or have a great additional "pearl" you'd like to share please do so!



  2. What about the role of n-acetylcysteine to reduce the vestibular issues with long-term aminoglycoside usage

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