Poll: Top Nephrology-Related Stories of 2012

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We would appreciate your vote for the top nephrology-related stories of 2012. Take a second and click any of the answers on the right hand side
of the screen that you think should be considered in the Top 10 stories. We will give the results of the poll shortly after the poll closes on Friday December 21st.


  1. The only story that should get any votes is Temp 3:4. Major break through which, unless turns out to be a type 1 error, will rank with ACEi and EPO as standout pharmaceutical moments in nephrology. The tolvaptan story will be on your list of stories of the decade in December 2019, unless you've graduated by then.

  2. Darn, looks like we can't edit the poll now that it's opened. Comment here if you want vote for the FDA Innovation Pathway 2.0 🙂

  3. Added another contender… The FDA Innovation Pathway 2.0, a more streamlined and efficient FDA approval process which chose three devices focused on solving problems in the care of patients with ESRD.

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