Who reads the Renal Fellow Network?

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Thanks to everyone who responded to our readership poll. We have seen a large increase in traffic to the site over the last year and it is important to know who your audience is. It was interesting to note that the largest category of visitors to the site are attending nephrologists followed by fellows who were the original target readership of the blog.

One thing that I would like to reiterate: Graham and I have been involved in the site for a few years now and both of us are beyond the initial “discovery” phase where everything we see is new. As a result, our areas of interest may not coincide exactly with fellows who are earlier in their training. We have benefited greatly from the contributions of other nephrology fellows from around the country (and abroad). I would like to take this opportunity to again invite new contributors to the Renal Fellow Network. This blog is maintained on an entirely voluntary basis and we are dependent on contributors who give their valuable time to help educate others. If you are interested, please email Graham or me.

Happy Holidays from the RFN

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