ASN Annual Meeting Travel Support Opportunities

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It’s the time of the year again to start thinking about travel to the ASN annual meeting in Atlanta. Thankfully, in this time of limited travel budgets and sequestration, the ASN offers a number of travel awards that will help pay for the cost of attending the conference. For all attendees, if you are participating in a pre-course, there are travel awards available for each of these courses. For fellows in training, there is a specific award that will pay for conference registration and some of the cost of attending.

To encourage medical students and residents to take part, there is a travel award specifically for this category that also offers complimentary ASN membership and $800 towards travel and accommodation costs. Finally, the Mitch Award offers travel support to 3 US fellows who are from underrepresented minorities and 5 fellows from Mexico and Central and South America. Additionally, recipients of this awards will be invited to attend the President’s reception.

Needless to say, prior recipients of these awards cannot reapply and for US fellows, at least one year of training must have been completed prior to applying for travel support.

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