Want to learn about Hemodialysis Access? Here’s “Hemodialysis Access 101”!

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Hemodialysis Access 101 (click to access the tool) is an online interactive teaching tool that focuses on teaching hemodialysis access from a nephrologist’s perspective. It consists of 3 main sections:
  • Animated concept videos describe HD access creation, function, examination, and complications

  • Real patient videos with features that simulate a bedside teaching session with a focus on access examination


  • 5 simulated cases of access complications that are structured step-by-step from the point of patient presentation at the hemodialysis unit through physical examination, diagnostic tests, and intervention in a fun, thought provoking, and interactive manner                                      

Check out this video that describes the tool in more detail.

“Hemodialysis Access 101”, one of the winners of the 2018 ASN Innovation in Kidney Education Contest, was developed by Namrata Krishnan, MD (@NamrataKrishna3) and Gowthaman Gunabushanam, MD at the Yale School of Medicine/Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Connecticut.

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