Trainee Events at #KidneyWk 2018

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Kidney Week 2018 is here and it’s obvious that everyone is excited for a great week in San Diego!  Whether it’s your first time at Kidney Week or you’ve experienced it (perhaps many times) before, the number of excellent presentations, posters, networking opportunities, and social events make Kidney Week very exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

There have been excellent blog posts about how to make the most of Kidney Week.  You can read some of them here, here, and here.  As many of us are preparing to travel to San Diego, perhaps early in the week to take one of the excellent Early Programs, here is a list of events you may want to add to your calendar for the week. This list is geared toward trainees (medical students, residents, fellows), as well as anyone interested in free online medical education (FOAMed), social media (SoMe), online medical education (including resources like #NephJC, #NephMadness, #GlomCon, etc.), or just having a great time and making new friends.  Take a look at individual fliers or websites below, and contact the organizers if you have questions.  Please make sure to RSVP if requested!

Wednesday (10/24/18)

Thursday (10/25/18)

Friday (10/26/18)

  • starting at 10:30 am: ASN Communities Poster Tour
  • 11:30 am: FIT Bowl (Semi-Finals and Finals)
  • 6:30 pm: NephJC Beach Party – sure to be one of the highlights of the week for myself and many others!  This event will take place on the beach, with NephJC Kidney awards, NephMadness 2019 logo reveal, and #NSMC graduation. Make sure to RSVP!

Saturday (10/27/18)

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and there are so many more opportunities like the

Kidney STARS program

Women in Nephrology (WIN) events

LGBTQ and Ally Member Reception and others.

Please comment below or Tweet @RenalFellowNtwk if you have other events you’d like to highlight!

Also, consider reading this #NephJC blog post from 2015 highlighting some of the benefits from Tweeting at national meetings (including how you can get started if you’re new to the Nephro Twitterverse).

Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the week!


Post compiled by Diana Mina, MD
COI- on planning committee for NBLUniv, NSMC intern 2018.

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