The 4th Annual Cardio Renal Connections Conference

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The 4th Annual Cardio-Renal Connections conference will be held on April 24-25th 2020 in San Antonio, Texas at the La Cantera Resort.

Course Description

The Annual Cardio Renal Connections meeting is a unique two-day continuing education activity bringing together clinicians and scientists to explore the complex relationships between the heart, kidney and metabolic systems. The importance of this nexus is particularly relevant given the aging population of the United States and the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes. The goal of this CE program is to help foster education, research and discussion about the intersection of these pathophysiological systems.

Conference Highlights

• In-depth exploration of the interactions between obesity, diabetes, heart and kidney disease
• Latest pharmacological interventions for diabetes with cardiorenal protections
• Ketogenic vs. Mediterranean diet vs. bariatric surgery approaches for heart and kidney patients
• Updates on peripheral vascular disease and its management in kidney patients
• Latest in understanding of the renal risks associated with contrast dye administration and approaches to mitigate the risks.
• Role of kidney transplantation for Cardiovascular disease
• State of the art in hypertension management including measurement techniques and BP goals
• Nephrology on the cutting edge: learn about APOL1, PLA2R, Tolvaptan, latest phosphate and potassium binders
• Innovation in heart failure management 
• Controversies of current era: use of aspirin for prevention and cholesterol/triglyceride management in kidney patients
• Reflection on humanistic side of medicine, patient-physician relationship

Who Should Attend

This is a conference for healthcare professionals: academic & community physicians, PhDs, nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, dietitians, social workers, residents, fellows, and students.

Registration for students, residents and fellows is 25$ and fee is waived on submission of abstract/case report.

Abstracts Submission Open

Authors of accepted abstracts will receive free conference registration.

For further information, please visit this link.

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