Apply to Join the 2022 NSMC Internship

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The Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) internship is a year-long internship where you can gain valuable skills making educational content online. The internship was established in 2015. Over 150 individuals have graduated from the program. Applications are open to join the 2022 class. The application process includes

  • A personal statement of why you want to the join the NSMC (this is the most important aspect of the application so put some thought into it)
  • A Curriculum Vitae (or resume)
  • Letter of recommendation

Applications due January 9, 2022.

Each intern will rotate through 4 different rotations during the year and will be paired with faculty mentors to guide them through the process.

  1. NephJC rotation. We look at NephJC as our core teaching service. It is the general medicine wards of our internship. Interns are expected to be regular participants in NephJC. But beyond being regular participants, interns on the NephJC rotation produce NephJC by writing the summary, drawing up the script, designing the visual abstract, and actually taking control of @NephJC and hosting the chat.
  2. Blog and Tweetorial rotation. Social media is a written media. During this rotation interns will write a blog post about something in nephrology that interests them and then use a tweetorial to support and promote the primary document.
  3. Graphical communication rotation. Visual abstracts are an innovation that is increasing the distribution of medical and scientific information. Learning to create effective visual tools will make you a better communicator and a more effective user of social media.
  4. Podcasts. The NSMC internsproduce their own nephrology podcast. Interns will learn how to write a script, record, edit and publish a podcast.

We would love for you to consider applying

Program Director- Matthew Sparks
Associate Program Director- Mythri Shankar

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