ASN Innovations in Kidney Education: Contest Now Open

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Phase 1 Deadline: May 10, 2022

What do virtual reality, simulation, and gaming have to do with nephrology? Well, everything if they are used as tools to inspire students and trainees to learn more about the field. Enter the ASN Innovations in Kidney Education Contest, which aims to do just that. Participants develop creative tools to teach nephrology in new and exciting ways. 
Previous winners have created a wide range of tools, some of which include simulators, mobile apps, interactive websites, and board games. 
Launched in 2015, the contest has spurred great interest about the field of nephrology and advanced new ideas for additional curricula development. It has also fostered meaningful interactions between medical and graduate students, residents, fellows, post-doc trainees, faculty, practicing nephrologists, researchers, and other health professionals. Visit the Innovations in Kidney Education Contest for more information.

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