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NATIONAL COURSE FOR RENAL FELLOWS: ORIGINS OF RENAL PHYSIOLOGY Places are still open for the 10th running of this one week course, held annually at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratories near Acadia National Park, in Maine.  …

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Azathioprine in pregnancy

We recently discussed this issue in conference and I thought it might be worth sharing a few interesting points: Azathioprine is normally converted to the active metabolite 6-mercaptopurine. However, in pregnancy the placenta can metabolize azathioprine to thiouric…

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Renal disease and HIV

Perhaps the most renowned renal disease associated with HIV infection is the collapsing variant of FSGS. This typically presents with the nephrotic syndrome and has been associated with relatively advanced HIV infection, with low CD4 counts and higher…

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MDIBL – ASN reunion

Date for your diary Dr Zeidel and the MDIBL crew wish to invite all previous attendees to the Second Annual Reunion of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory National Course for Renal Fellows. This is a great opportunity…

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Renal allograft rupture

Renal allograft rupture has been defined as a split in the renal capsule, associated with haemorrhage, when no identifiable injury was noted at the time of harvesting. Renal allograft rupture is a rare, but life-threatening, complication of renal…

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Sodium and seizures?

The development of acute hyponatraemia can have profound neurological consequences. After creation of an osmotic gradient between the intravascular compartment and the intracellular compartment, water must somehow gain access to the brain tissue. This appears to be mediated,…

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Urine albumin and protein measurement

Continuing the theme of must knows regarding urinalysis: Urine albumin is detected by the urine dipstick via a reaction with tetrabromophenol blue. The reaction produces a colorimetric result depending on the amount of albumin present, which can be…

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Urinalysis – concentration

Here are some simple facts about urine specific gravity, osmolality and their determination from the urinalysis. Specific gravity The reference substance for comparative purposes is water, which therefore has a specific gravity of 1.000. The so-called normal ranges…

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