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An ESRD patient on CAPD was recently admitted to our hospital with possible pneumonia. It was noticed that he had painful plaque-like necrosis, with areas of ulceration. Even in the absence of a skin biopsy, the consensus was…

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Hypercalcaemia induced polyuria

So Leo’s post got me thinking about the pathophysiology of hypercalcaemia-induced polyuria. I wanted to share what I have learned in relation to the mechanisms of this phenomenon. Calcium-sensing receptors (CaSR) are found on the basolateral membrane of…

Windows to the Soul…and the Vasculature

Continuing the theme of useful Nephrology bedside clinical signs, today we’ll focus on band keratopathy (BK). Often overlooked, this is a band of calcium deposition across the central cornea commonly seen in patients with advanced CKD. It reflects…

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Warfarin and Vascular Calcification

Warfarin has recently been associated with an increased risk of stroke in ESRD patients with atrial fibrillation. This makes the decision whether to initiate warfarin therapy in dialysis patients with atrial fibrilltion anything but clear cut. Add to…

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Hypercalcemia of Malignancy

Cancer-associated hypercalcemia is the #1 cause for hypercalcemia in the inpatient setting (in the outpatient setting, the main cause is primary hyperparathyroidism). In general, hypercalcemia of malignancy portends a poor prognosis, and there are three main mechanisms by…

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Bone Scan for Diagnosis of Calciphylaxis?

Calciphylaxis (also called calcific uremic arteriolopathy) is a syndrome of vascular calcification, thrombosis, and necrosis, occurring almost exclusively in ESRD patients.  The diagnosis is typically achieved by clinical exam–demonstrating painful, necrotic, and sometimes ulcerating lesions usually on the…

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