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There was a fascinating case published a couple of months ago in the American Journal of Medicine. I have a particular interest in this case as it was my clinic mentor, Julian Seifter, who made the diagnosis and…

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Time for a change?

This month’s issue of NDT has an interesting debate concerning whether or not clinical laboratories should start reporting CKD-EPI GFR instead of MDRD. The pro side is here while the con side is here. Basically, the argument for…

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MDRD vs CKD-EPI in Transplantation

With the results of the eAJKD brackets posted by Gearoid, I thought this article might be pertinent to stimulate further the debate… This article just came out on Transplantation and is a well designed study in which the…

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A picture is worth…

Often on rounds with medical students or housestaff we will review why a serum creatinine of 0.8 mg/dl in a 40 year old athlete… may mean a much higher creatinine clearance than a creatinine of 0.8 mg/dl in…

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Creatinine: A Cautionary Tale

In recent months I’ve been seeing a number of referrals for patients with creatinine values in the normal range but eGFR as reported by the lab at below 60ml/min. This is particularly the case in middle aged women….

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