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Drug Trials

Last week’s poll results:  who should provide funding for large, randomized controlled drug trials?  Most respondents (58%) chose the diplomatic answer and said that it should be a combination between government and pharmaceutical companies.  I was somewhat surprised…

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AJKD Bundling Editorials

This month’s issue of AJKD includes an enlightening group of 6 editorials, each written from a unique perspective (e.g., the perspective of large dialysis corporations, the perspective of the ESRD Networks, the perspective of non-profit dialysis corporations, etc.),…

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Personalized Medicine for Kidney Disease?

Interesting review in this month’s CJASN:  “Can we personalize treatment for kidney diseases?” by Rovin et al.   The term “personalized medicine” has been defined by the U.S. Congress as, “the application of genomic and molecular data to…

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Scary article–from both a patient care perspective as well as from a medicolegal perspective–which will make you think about always checking that potassium level before making a decision about skipping dialysis…”Young Mother Dies After Missing Dialysis Treatment“. In…

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