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Emily Petersen

Noninvasive Control of Uremic Bleeding

We frequently receive requests to dialyze patients with moderate renal failure who are bleeding due to the concern that uremia may be contributing to failure to control blood loss. Patients with renal failure do have an increased tendency…

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The organization is key

There are a number of glomerulopathies that feature organized deposits of nonbranching fibrils, some more common than others. The diseases make their first major separation into Congo Red positive (amyloid) and Congo Red negative categories. Amyloid fibrils are…

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Cisplatin nephrotoxicity

Cisplatin was discovered more than 40 years ago, and is still widely used in chemotherapy regimens for many different types of cancer. Its wider use has been limited by toxicities, one of which is nephrotoxicity. Nate Hellman also…

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Hyponatremia correction; rule of 6s

Profound hyponatremia of around 100mEq/L or less is a double-edged sword- it’s got to be treated but can be terrifying to treat. The University of Rochester shared their protocol for controlled correction of severe hyponatremia with AJKD in…

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