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Hemoglobin Targets in CKD

For anyone who would like to read a thorough review of the current evidence with regard to Hb targets and the use of ESAs in  patients with CKD and those on dialysis, I strongly recommend the review published…

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Epo: The honeymoon is not over

Having just returned from my own honeymoon, I was taken by this recent hypothesis-piece by Fishbane et al. They have made some observations on the natural history of untreated renal anemia from examining the placebo arm of the…

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Complications of EPO Use

Well, I had hoped to be more of an active blogger during my holiday vacation this year, but my internet access has been much spottier than desired way out in the boondocks of Western France (not that I…

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The TREAT trial was one of the bigger stories to emerge from this years ASN. This was a large, multicenter trial of darbepoeitin (Aranesp) vs. placebo in 4000 predialysis CKD patients with type 2 diabetes and anemia. The…

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ESA Glycosylation

There are numerous formulations of recombinant human erythropoietin, but only a few of which are used in the U.S.  Generally speaking, all of the formulations have the exact same 165 amino acid core sequence which encodes the human…

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It’s a hot topic amongst dialysis centers around the country: bundling. Here’s my attempt to explain it in a brief manner. If anybody has corrections or comments about this explanation, feel free to make them known. With the…

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