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Exams Are Coming

This season’s Game of Thrones finished last night and as a nephrology-themed homage, a trainee from Malaysia, Lee Jun, created this poster during downtime while studying for his exams. Enjoy.

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Kidney Clips

It’s the weekend, I need to decompress from the boards. Here’s some random kidney-related clips. The first is pretty bizarre. This next one is pretty basic, but the animation is good.

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The Kidneys as Food

The French, renowned for their culinary excellence, pride themselves on being able to include every part of the cow in a tasty dish. Regrettably, this includes finding uses for the many internal organs, one of the more challenging…

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Surgery Intern Boy Band

Okay, I’ll admit, there’s no Nephrology tie-in here. But props to the Mass General Hospital surgical interns for using their undoubtedly sparse spare time to make this ridiculous music video.

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The Power of Pee

Often, my ideas for blog postings come from reputable journals such as JASN, CJASN, AJKD, Kidney International, NEJM, etc… But today’s topic derives from my regular reading a website I simply can’t recommend highly enough…Geekologie. From the July…

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How to lose a kidney

Couldn’t figure out how to embed the video so I’ve just posted the link of a daredevil who “exploded his kidney” (according to the video at least) during a bike jump. Just think, somewhere out there there’s a…

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Kidney-Themed 30 Rock Episode

The NBC show “30 Rock” featured a humorous, kidney-themed season finale last Thursday. If you don’t feel like watching the full 30-minute episode, you can purchase the full music video for the song “We Need A Kidney” at…

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