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Bence-Jones Protein

I had always assumed that the “Bence-Jones” protein–essentially, the demonstration of monoclonal light chains on urine protein electropheresis (UPEP)–was named after two doctors, Bence & Jones.  However I recently found out that actually it was named after a…

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Case of Hyperammonemia & Fanconi’s Syndrome

Quick case summary as presented in Renal Grand Rounds today:  A 54 year-old man presents with altered mental status, a sky-high ammonia level (>200) and anemia requiring blood transfusion.  Other unusual lab values include hypophosphatemia and hypokalemia with…

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Plasma Exchange for Myeloma?

A question which comes up not infrequently during nephrology fellowship is whether or not to perform pheresis on patients with multiple myeloma. Once very much in vogue, the results of a fairly recent (Annals of Internal Medicine, 2005)…

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