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Cisplatin again

In a previous post, we discussed the way the cilastatin prevents imipenem nephrotoxicity by inhibiting dihydropeptidase, a proximal tubular brush border enzyme which facilitates the uptake of imipenem metabolites into proximal tubular cells. This allows imipenem to be…

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Tumor lysis or tubular lysis?

A patient presented to the outpatient service with progressive renal insufficiency and sub-nephrotic range proteinuria. He had a long history of CMML with few blasts in his bone marrow aspirate but a peripheral white cell count that was…

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Cisplatin induced hyponatremia; looking deeper

Cisplatin based therapy for the treatment of solid organ tumors is commonly associated with several renal abnormalities including; *hypokalemia*hypomagnesemia*hypocalcemia*hypophosphatemia*fanconi-like syndrome*acute kidney injury We have all seen these complications on the renal consult service at least once. However, less…

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A trap for angiotensin type 1 receptors

The renin-angiotensin system is powerful regulator of blood pressure homeostasis. An article published in the March 24 issue of JASN highlights an emerging area of research into the modulation of AT1 receptors on different tissues. The majority of…

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