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The Proteinuria Controversy

One of the largest controversies in the field of proteinuria/nephrotic syndrome research derives from a 2007 Kidney International paper published by Russo et al. Briefly stated, the authors suggest the paradigm-shifting idea that the glomerulus filters massive amounts…

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Stranded on a Lifeboat

We all know that if you are stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, you are not supposed to drink the salt water.  Why is this the case–shouldn’t the kidney be smart enough to retain…

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Limitations of FENa in CKD

There is an insightful article in this month’s C-JASN entitled “Misapplications of Commonly-Used Kidney Equations: Renal Physiology in Practice” by Nguyen et al which is kind of fun to read. One of the clinical vignettes they present involves…

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Page Kidney

In 1939, Irwin Page performed an experiment in a dog model in which one kidney was wrapped in cellophane. The resultant external compression on the kidney resulted in elevated renin-angiotensin-aldosterone levels and severe hypertension. Over time, a loss…

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