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Tarek Alhamad

Midwest Transplant Symposium

Washington University at St Louis will be holding the inaugural Midwest Transplant Symposium on October 16th and 17th 2015. This course is designed to be an in-depth review and update in kidney and pancreas transplant. 8.5 AMA PRA…

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Update on Membranous Nephropathy

U Penn established an annual one-day seminar in nephrology symposium. This year was titled “New Horizons in Nephrology: Updates in Glomerular Disease”. Dr. Beck from Boston University gave the update on membranous nephropathy (MN). Previously, we discussed his…

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Too much protein

An internal medicine resident was presenting a consult to our team on a patient with nephrotic-range proteinuria. During his presentation, he stated that he had already ruled out amyloidosis because the patient had a negative SPEP and UPEP…

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An ESRD patient on CAPD was recently admitted to our hospital with possible pneumonia. It was noticed that he had painful plaque-like necrosis, with areas of ulceration. Even in the absence of a skin biopsy, the consensus was…

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To Treat of Not

A 46 year old man with a recent diagnosis of acute leukemia and white count of 90,000 was transferred to our facility with non-oliguric AKI secondary to tumor lysis syndrome. The patient was hypocalcemic (Ca 5.2mg/dl) and hyperphosphatemic…

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Mercury rising

A patient who had been working in a recycling company that handled thermometers presented with fever, dry cough, fatigue and rash. Based on imaging (CXR showed massive radio-opaque material in the lungs, right atrium and right ventricle; skeletal…

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