An Ever-So Slight Victory for PD?

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It was a close vote that came down to the wire, but there was an ever-so slight preference for peritoneal dialysis modalities (53% CAPD+CCPD) as compared to hemodialysis modalities (47% standard hemo + home hemo) when RFN readers were posed the question, Which RRT modality would you choose for yourself if you had ESRD?  Probably not statistically significant however, so I suppose we should call it a draw between PD and HD for now.  Home hemodialysis was vastly preferred over standard hemodialysis, while CCPD had an edge over CAPD.  I was pleased to see that there were zero votes for “other” (I had considered including answers such as “Hope for the best,” or “Let nature take its course,” but decided against it.)  Check out the latest Poll of the Week on the right.


  1. I'm leaving on Saturday, but I will definitely stop by your poster session. I'll be in the very back rows during the plenary talks and the epigenetics pre course 🙂 DaVita has a free Thursday lunch talk for fellows with Dr. Provenzano who is their chief strategist.

    Planning on staying in academics, but definitely curious if the grass is greener on the other side.

    Link is below,


  2. John and Others,

    It would be great to meet Renal Fellow Network readers at the ASN. In fact, I have a "Renal Fellow Network" poster being presented on Saturday morning. Anybody interested in contributing in the future or just coming by to chat would be great. Unfortunately I am also presenting my scientific research poster which is scheduled for the same time, so I plan to run back and forth between posters. Hope to see you & anybody else interested around.

  3. I'll be at ASN. Matt Sparks

  4. Nathan, I was also wondering if your readership would be interested in having an informal "renal fellow network" at the ASN. I'd definitely like to meet folks from other institutions in the physician/scientist track.


  5. There is nice article in NDT about nocturnal dialysis versus DDKT and outcomes. Guess which one was better 🙂


  6. Really? I am really suprised. I want a recount. What is the p-value here anyway? 🙂 Come on… CAPD? really?

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