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Hemodialysis vs. Peritoneal Dialysis

My attention was caught by the recent article in CJASN which compared the mortality of peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD) patients in the first 2 years of dialysis therapy. When comparing survival outcomes of PD and HD…

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Retroperitoneal leak in PD patient

Ultrafiltration failure is a frequent clinical problem in PD patients. The most common etiologies are: fast peritoneal membrane transport, loss of peritoneal surface membrane and high lymphatic absorption. Mechanical and anatomical etiologies are occasionally seen. Rule of 4’s…

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Home Dialysis University

The dates and locations for this year’s Home Dialysis University for Fellows have been released. This is a series of courses on home HD and PD aimed at graduating fellows that is sponsored by the ISPD. You can…

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Honey for the Achilles Heel

In the PD literature, peritonitis has been referred to as an Achilles’ heel because it could lead to catheter removal and PD treatment failure. Topical antibiotics have been used for prevention of an exit site infection (ESI) which…

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Bury it!

One of the issues that we come across repeatedly in the clinic is the timing of access insertion. We all want to avoid the use of catheters and so we refer patients early (when possible) for fistula formation….

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PD or HD post cardiac surgery?

A few months back I was covering the inpatient consult service when one of our patients on peritoneal dialysis came in for an elective combined aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting. She had recently switched over…

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An 18 year-old girl with end stage renal disease secondary to focal segmental glomerular sclerosis had a double cuff flex neck peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter uneventfully inserted in order to begin dialysis. Ten days after this procedure, following…

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