The trials of a lab rat…

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I was on the phone to one of my friends the other day. He’s a renal fellow currently doing lab-based research in Boston. He’s been having a difficult time of it lately, with none of his experiments working out, and has understandably been getting a bit frustrated and disillusioned.

Me: “So, how’s your research going? Any major breakthroughs?”

G: “Well, I’ve had an epiphany!”

Me: “An epiphany, that’s fantastic! About time!”

G:”What do you mean fantastic, I said a rat pissed on me! I think I’m going to switch careers…”

Well, I thought it was funny…


  1. I am a pediatric nephrologist,
    and I would not like to tell you what happens when we examine babies sometimes!

  2. My laptop is always bone dry, and I like it that way!

  3. Dear Conall,

    Why do you think I chose to work on zebrafish? If they do pee on me, it's in such small amounts that I certainly don't notice…

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