ASN In-Training Exam: ASN and RFN Review Material

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I took the MCAT with pencil and paper. Over 500 nervous sweaty pre-meds in one giant auditorium. Everyone was so tense I’m surprised there wasn’t a spontaneous combustion. Ever since, it’s been electronic standardized testing were you often find yourself sitting next to a random guy taking the food handling safety exam. Just not as dramatic.
This coming Thursday April 7th and Friday April 8th are the dates for the ASN In-Training Exam for Fellows. It’s usually administered at your home institution so we’ll probably avoid the food safety guy. If you’re interested, there’s a brief practice test on the ASN site along with the NephSap core knowledge questions for review.

From RFN, below are links to previously posted review questions.

Question: Water-1 (answer choices are at the top of the “Answer”)
Answer: Water-1

Question: PD-1
Answer: PD-1

Question: Transplant-1
Answer: Transplant-1

Question: Hypertension-1
Answer: Hypertension-1

Question/Answer: Pregnancy
Question/Answer: Transplant

If anyone has any other useful online review sources share the wealth in the comments.

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