Pearls for Boards

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1) Isopropyl alcohol does NOT cause an elevated anion gap acidosis, retinal toxicity (as does methanol), or renal failure (as does ethylene glycol).

2) Fibril diameter of the more common fibrillary diseases – Amyloid, Fibrillary GN, and Immunotactoid GP – is correlated with their position in the alphabet – (A= 8-12nm, F= 16-24nm, I= >30nm).

3) Drug induced ANCA disease – 3 to watch – propylthiouracil, hydralazine and minocycline.

4) The classic EM finding in Hereditary Nephritis is longitudinal splitting of the lamina densa of the GBM producing a laminated or “basket weave” appearance.

5) In individuals 40 years of age or older with a positive family history of ADPKD, a finding of zero or one renal cysts excludes the disease with a negative predictive value of 100%.

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