Keeping up with the Neighbours

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These days, the proliferation of medical journals makes it difficult to keep up with all the changes in our field. There are a number of means that people employ to manage their reading. I personally use google reader and follow all the major renal journals. Another resource that I find useful is Nephrology Now which aggregates some of the more important papers recently published in the field.

One suggestion from Nephrology Now last week was an ipad/iphone application called “Read“. This application allows you to follow selected journals but will also pull out articles of interest from journals that you are not necessarily following if they align with your interests. It also allows you to directly search pubmed from within the app, save searches and, if it is freely available, download the pdf of the paper that you are interested in. Best of all, this is free.

I would appreciate any further suggestions from readers regarding ways to stay current.

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