CJASN eJournalClub: Patient/Provider Characteristics and timing of dialysis start

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CJASN’s eJournal Club has recently been revamped with host institutions presenting a chosen article at their hospital on a rotational basis and feeback gathered by the host center. This month’s journal club was hosted by the Division of Nephrology at Duke and concerns a topical and I feel somewhat controversial article. The paper is entitled ‘Provider and Care Characteristics Associated with Timing of Dialysis Initiation’ by Slinin et al. Check out the editorial by RFN’s Andrew Malone at the CJASN website. There will be an ongoing discussion of the paper including author replies to questions posed by the online community. There is a login page but remember registration is free to all (including non-ASN members). The eJournal Club can be a great addition to our online nephrology resources but it requires the participation of the community. Interaction is paramount for its success so your comments are more than welcome.

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