#NephMadness 2015: It’s almost here

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It’s almost March, time to fill out your
bracket. No not college hoops, it’s time for the annual Nephrology SoMed
educational phenomenon that is NephMadness. The brainchild of Matt Sparks and
Joel Topf has grown legs in its 3 years of existence and now represents a
highlight of the Nephrology #FOAM calendar.
NephMadness is a homage to the NCAA
Basketball Tournament, March Madness, but instead of matching up college
basketball teams, NephMadness throws some of the most important concepts in
nephrology together to battle it out. This years theme is Nephrologys
interaction and cross-over with other specialties. See the current editorial in
AJKD by the NephMadness team for the complete low-down. The overall
regions/specialties, each with 8 Nephrology topics, for 2015 are:
1.         Obstetric Nephrology
2.         Infectious Disease and
3.         The Heart and Kidney
4.         Nephrology and
5.         Genetic Nephrology
6.         Critical Care
7.         Nephrology and
Vascular Surgery
8.         Onconephrology
The game will progress throughout March
with winners and losers announced along the way via ongoing blog posts. My own
(extremely biased) view is that the winner will come from the strong Genetic
Nephrology region! Let us know what you think when the brackets are published
on March 1 on the AKJD blog. Also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag

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